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TEACHER’S NAME: Simona Radulescu


TEXTBOOK: Set Sail 2

UNIT/ THEMES/ TOPIC: My Birthday!/ Colours/ Numbers from 1 to 10

TYPE OF THE LESSON: consolidation

CLASS: 2nd E


TIME: 50  minutes



OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able:

                       1 To count the numbers one through ten aloud

                       2 To identify the numbers one through ten

                       3 To sort by colours

                       3 To tell the total number of items





  • computer
  • blackboard
  • flashcards
  • worksheet
  • graph for colouring in gummy bears
  • manipulatives (Gummy Bears)
  • cut outs in the shape of bears
  • teddy bear


Assumed knowledge:

  • Students have already learnt the names of colours
  • Students have already learnt the numbers from 1 to 10

Anticipated problems:

  • Some students may not feel self-confident about their pronunciation and refuse interaction



I. Warm up: (Estimated time: 2 minutes)

                     T: greets SS, asks informal questions, prepares materials for     

                         the lesson and shows the SS a teddy bear, asks what animal it is and tells the ”Teddy Bear” poem, miming

                     SS: answer informal questions, repeat the poem and the gestures

II. Homework

     Check-up: (Estimated time: 4 minutes)

                     T: asks SS to read the homework and/or to go to the whiteboard to write the correct answers

                     SS: read homework, answer T’s questions


III. Revising the previous knowledge: (Estimated time: 4 minutes)

                      T: shows bears of different colours (yellow, orange, green, white and red) and asks students to group the bears and label the bears with their colour

                     SS: group and label the bears


IV. Transition to the new lesson: (Estimated time: 2 minutes)

                      T: plays the DVD

                      SS: listen to the song


V. Introducing new language:

  1. Lead-in: (Estimated time: 2 minutes)

                    T: counts the bears on the board and asks SS to repeat

                    SS: repeat the numbers

  1. Elicitation: (Estimated time: 8 minutes)

                     T: asks SS to come to the board and write the number on each bear, then label the bears by the written number                     

                   SS: produce the language by naming the numbers on bears of a certain colour

  1. Accurate reproduction: (Estimated time: 8 minutes)

                     T: gives each SS a bear with a different number on its tummy and calls a number 

                     SS: come  with the bears  having  that number written on their tummies

  1. Immediate creativity: (Estimated time: 12 minutes)

                     T: hands out the worksheets and gummy bears and asks SS to sort the gummy bears after their colour, to write the number of each colour on the bear’s tummy and then colour the bear

                     SS: sort the gummy bears, write the numbers and colour the bears on the worksheet


  1. Feedback: (Estimated time: 5 minutes)

                     T: asks about how many gummy bears of each colour SS have                  

                     SS: answer T’s questions

VII. EVALUATION/ HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: (Estimated time: 2 minutes)

                    T: sets homework (fill in a graph according to the worksheet) and gives the graph to the SS

                    SS: take notes about their homework

  1. ENDING THE LESSON: (Estimated time: 1 minute)

                     T: greets SS and invite them to eat the gummy bears

                     SS: greet the teacher, leave the classroom


FILLERS:  Evaluate SS’ favourite colours of gummy bears, record this information