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TEACHER’S NAME: Simona Radulescu


TEXTBOOK: Welcome 2

UNIT/ THEMES/ TOPIC: Unit 6 “I Don’t Like Science! It’s Boring”/ Telling time/ Daily Activities

TYPE OF THE LESSON: consolidation

CLASS: 4th A


TIME: 50  minutes



OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able:

                       1 To correlate daily activities with times of the day (in the morning, in the afternoon, at night)

                       2 To tell the time to the quarter hour and half hour using both analog and digital clock

                       3 To talk and write about daily routine using Present Simple Tense




  • Pupil’s book
  • workbook
  • projector
  • computer
  • whiteboard
  • flashcards
  • worksheets
  • manipulatives


Assumed knowledge:

  • Students have already learnt Present Simple Tense and know how to use it
  • Students have already learnt some rules of telling time

Anticipated problems:

  • Some students may not feel self-confident about their pronunciation and refuse interaction



I. Warm up: (Estimated time: 2 minutes)

                     T: greets SS, asks informal questions, prepares materials for     

                         the lesson and reviews the song “THIS IS THE WAY”

                     SS: answer informal questions, sing and mime


II. Homework

     Check-up: (Estimated time: 4 minutes)

                     T: asks SS to read the homework and/or to go to the whiteboard to write the correct answers

                     SS: read homework, answer T’s questions


III. Revising the previous knowledge: (Estimated time: 4 minutes)

                      T: makes a table with times of the day (“in the morning”/ “in the afternoon”/ “in the evening”/ “at night”) and asks SS to decide the best time for each activity on the flashcards

                     SS: place the flashcards in the table and make sentences using Present Simple Tense                 


IV. Transition to the new lesson: (Estimated time: 2 minutes)

                      T: draws a big circle on the whiteboard and writes number 6 on the bottom then asks SS to guess what that is and fill in the hours of the clock

                      SS: write the hours of the clock


V. Introducing new language:

  1. Lead-in: (Estimated time: 5 minutes)

                    T: introduces the context, explains the rules

                    SS: set their clocks according to the T’s explanations

  1. Elicitation: (Estimated time: 5 minutes)

                     T: asks SS to come to the white board in pairs and label the analog clocks with the time telling cards, than the time telling cards with the digital clocks, sees if SS can produce the new language and decides which of the stages to go next (accurate reproduction or immediate creativity).

                     SS: produce the new language in pairs (“What time is it?” “It’s a quarter past/ half past/ a quarter to…”)

  1. Accurate reproduction: (Estimated time: 10 minutes)

                     T: asks SS to find pairs of their clock cards  (“I Have…Who Has?” game). 

                     SS: ask and answer the questions of the game

  1. Immediate creativity: (Estimated time: 10 minutes)

                     T: hands out the worksheets and asks students to fill them in.

                     SS: fill in the worksheets by drawing the hands of the analog clocks or writing the digital hour and telling time sentences.


  1. Feedback: (Estimated time: 5 minutes)

                     T: plays the film                  

                     SS: answer T’s questions, give examples about their daily routine

VII. EVALUATION/ HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: (Estimated time: 2 minutes)

                    T: sets homework (Write a short composition with the title “My Daily Routine”) and grades some students

                    SS: take notes about their homework

  1. ENDING THE LESSON: (Estimated time: 1 minute)

                     T: greets SS

                     SS: greet the teacher, leave the classroom


FILLERS:  Times of the day worksheet (SS fill in the worksheets with times of the day in relation to the activities)