They keep walking. Suddenly, they hear a loud roar. A lion comes running and hits the Scarecrow with his big paw.
“You’re a bad lion!” shouts Dorothy.
“No, I’m not. I’m afraid of everything. I want some courage,” says the Lion. “Come with us ! We are
all friends now,” says Dorothy.


The four friends arrive at the Emerald City. They see a guard. He gives them each a pair of green glasses. “The city is very bright. You must wear these glasses all the time,” he says. They enter the palace and they see a big head on the throne. It is the Great Wizard of Oz. He says, “I can help you, but first you must help me. Get rid of the Wicked Witch of the West.”


The Wicked Witch knows everything that happens in her country. She orders the Flying Monkeys to bring Dorothy and her friends to her castle. Now they must all work for the witch. One day, Dorothy is cleaning the floor. By accident, she throws a bucket of water at the witch and the witch disappears.


Dorothy and her friends go back to the Great Wizard of Oz. He gives presents to Dorothy’s friends: a brain, a heart and courage. He then tells Dorothy, “Tap your shoes together three times and they will take you home.” The Wizard
flies away in a balloon. Dorothy and Toto finally get back to their home in Kansas.

(adaptare originală după Frank Baum)