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Dorothy lives in a small house in Kansas with Uncle Henry, Aunt Em and her dog Toto. There are often tornadoes in Kansas. One cloudy day, a strong wind takes the house up in the air. Toto and Dorothy are inside. The dog is very scared. He hides under the bed.


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The house lands in a beautiful place. Friendly people live here. There are witches, too. Dorothy finds a pair of silver shoes near the house and puts them on. She meets the Good Witch of the North. Dorothy asks, “How can I get back to Kansas?” The witch says, “You must go to the Emerald City, where the Wizard of Oz lives. You must follow the yellow brick road.”

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On the way, Dorothy meets a Scarecrow. He is hanging on a pole. The Scarecrow says, “Hello!”. Dorothy asks, “Can you talk?”. With tears in his eyes, the Scarecrow answers, “Yes, I can, but I don’t have a brain.” Dorothy invites him to go with her, “Come with me to the Emerald City. The Great Oz can help you.”

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Next, they hear a strange noise in the forest. They see a Tin Man. “Please help me, I need a heart,” he says. “Come with us,” Dorothy says. The Tin Man asks, “Where are you going?” “We are going to see the Great Oz. He will help us,” says Dorothy.                          

“Then I’m coming with you!” says the Tin Man.